Seismic Safety Commission

Strategic Plan


A California that is prepared for, safe from, and resilient to seismic hazards.

We aspire to guide policies, educate, support research, and foster collaboration to protect lives, property, and the built environment from seismic hazards.


We improve the seismic safety and resiliency of California communities by providing resources and guidance, facilitating research, and fostering collaboration in earthquake preparedness, mitigation, and recovery.


  1. Advise on policies, legislation, and funding that support seismic preparedness, mitigation, and recovery across the state.
  2. Educate communities and individuals on seismic hazards, preparedness, mitigation, and recovery measures.
  3. Promote research and innovation in earthquake engineering, building standards, and community planning to inform and reduce seismic risks.
  4. Foster inclusive collaboration among government agencies, academic institutions, industry stakeholders, tribal nations, non-governmental organizations, and diverse community members to reduce seismic risk for all.

January 11, 2024