Assembly Member Ken Cooley
Representing: Assembly Member
Michael Gardner
Representing: City/County | End of Term: 5/15/2021
Mia Marvelli
Representing: Building Standards Commission
Mark S. Ghilarducci
Representing: CalOES
Jorge Meneses
Representing: Geotechnical | End of Term: 5/15/21
Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto CEO, Miyamoto International President, Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief, California Seismic Safety Commissioner
Representing: Structural Engineer | End of Term: 5/15/19
David Rabbitt
Representing: Local Government
Cindy Silva
Representing: Local Government | End of Term: 5/15/21
Timothy D. Strack
President, Riverside City Firefighters Association
Representing: Fire Protection | End of Term: 5/15/17
Fuad Sweiss
Representing: Mechanical Engineer | End of Term: 5/15/19
Andrew (Andy) Tran
Representing: Insurance | End of Term: 5/15/19
Ivan Wong
Representing: Seismologist | End of Term: 5/15/21


Staff Title
Richard "Dick" McCarthy Executive Director
Salina Valencia Legislative/Communications Director
Lena Daniel Chief Administrative Officer
Mike Orille Project Analyst